E-book: Comparing the True Costs of 3 Anti-Corrosion Methods

The threat of corrosion is a constant concern for oil and gas companies. NACE International has estimated the annual global cost of corrosion to be $2.5 trillion, and the organization suggests that effective corrosion control could result in global savings of $375-875 billion annually. With the costly risk of corrosion ever-present, an anti-corrosion strategy is one of the most important things your company will invest in.

The reality is, the cost of corrosion prevention involves more than just investment in one material coating, or the labor hours spent to apply it. For many methods, costs include equipment downtime while the surface is prepped for application, continued downtime during application, and ongoing maintenance and repairs; not to mention that for traditional methods that can’t hold up long-term, you’ll face the cost of re-applying the coating multiple times over the course of your equipment’s life.

EonCoat’s latest e-book “Comparing the True Costs of 3 Anti-Corrosion Methods” is designed to help oil and gas companies accurately assess the costs of available anti-corrosion options. In our e-book, you'll discover the true costs associated with three of the most popular anti-corrosion methods on the market.

For each anti-corrosion method covered, we provide a detailed analysis of:

  • The benefits of the method and how it works to fight corrosion
  • The cost and time spent on application (including surface preparation)
  • The cost of re-application, if applicable
  • Additional associated costs such as ongoing maintenance, inspections, and more

Download our free e-book today, and gain the insight you need to make the most cost-effective decision for your business.

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