E-book: Research on the Effectiveness of EonCoat®

See how the science and technology behind EonCoat® ensures exceptional corrosion prevention in our e-book, “Research on the Effectiveness of EonCoat.”

EonCoat’s patented dual-layer coating is designed to protect steel from corrosion for decades, thanks to a fundamentally different approach from traditional commercial coatings.

Instead of sitting on top of the surface like many traditional coatings, EonCoat® chemically bonds with the steel to form a true alloy. On top of the alloy layer, a ceramic layer forms to protect the surface and re-alloy the steel if needed — eliminating the need for reapplication. Not only is EonCoat® self-healing, but it can also be applied with minimal surface preparation and equipment downtime. This makes it an effective long-term solution for companies that need to preserve their steel assets while minimizing costs.

EonCoat® has undergone years of private testing and is continually tested by both EonCoat scientists and third-party organizations. In 2018, EonCoat® was featured at EUROCORR as an effective anti-corrosion method for the oil & gas sector. Download our e-book to read about the tests done on EonCoat® and its proven ability to protect steel in the oil & gas industry, coastal environments, and on railway.

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